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Support for Athena SWAN

Support for Athena Swan

We offer support for universities and departments including critical reviews of draft Athena Swan applications, workshops, coaching sessions, visits and more general ongoing support.

As well as the services listed below, we have produced a number of tools to support the “transformed” Athena Swan scheme.  The tools are still in draft form – we welcome feedback – but will be free to download very soon.  In the meantime, do contact us if you would like to access the tools.

Critical Reviews of Applications

We can carry out detailed, critical reviews of draft applications for Athena Swan awards.  Detailed comments and suggested edits are make using track changes, and overarching general points are made in the covering email when returning the draft.  Reviews can be carried out for Institutional and Departmental applications for Bronze, Silver or Gold awards. For more details click here.

Tailored workshops

Workshops are available for those just starting their Athena Swan work and planning their first Bronze application or for those more experienced who are think about a Silver or a Gold application. Workshops are adapted to clients’ needs.  Among the workshops we have run are:

  • Getting started: the who, how, what and why of self assessment process.
  • Bouncing back: moving to success after an unsuccessful application.
  • Departmental action planning.

Good Practice Checklists

On its own, or as precursor to a department visit, or as the basis for workshops/discussion groups, or as a starting point for a department’s Swan or Juno recognition application.  For more information about the Good Practice Checklists, and to download copies, click here.

Gap Analyses

Oxford Research and Policy can carry out detailed gap analyses of either Athena Swan applications or completed Good Practice Checklists.  The resulting reports set out your strengths and weaknesses and give you an indication of where you stand in respect of likelihood of gaining a Silver, or Gold award.  We also score the “good practice in place” and the “impact” of that good practice. More details are available here.

Departmental visits

To gain an independent external view of the department. Oxford Research and Policy will undertake small group discussions with staff at different levels to assess working practices. The output is a report, which outlines findings, makes suggestions on areas where improvements can be made, and identifies strengths which can be built on. Follow this link for more details.

Good Practice Opinion Survey

Oxford Research and Policy has its own survey available to support departments preparing for Athena Swan applications.  The survey may be customised for your needs and runs on SurveyMonkey.  Oxford Research and Policy analyses the results and ensures respondents’ anonymity.  Click here to learn more.

Running Focus Groups

A number of clients have engaged Oxford Research and Policy to run focus/discussion groups with staff and students as part of their Athena Swan consultation process.  Discussions can be run face to face or online.  Contact us to discuss.

Coaching and support

For departments/self assessment teams working through their recognition application and development of action plan Oxford Research and Policy offers customised coaching and support. For more details click here.