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Athena SWAN, equality, diversity, HESA
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Departmental Visits

Departmental Visits

To gain an independent external view of the department. Oxford Research & Policy will undertake small group discussions with staff at different levels to assess working practices. The output is a report, which outlines findings, makes suggestions on areas where improvements can be made, and identifies strengths which can be built on.

Prior to a visit, the department normally completes a Good Practice Checklist in order to provide context.  Visits comprise a full day of discussions.  The preferred approach is for the day to start with a meeting with the head of department.  This is generally followed by a discussion with members of the senior management team.  Meetings follow with representatives of the professoriat, senior lecturers, and lecturers (or equivalent groups).  In most departments discussions are also held with post doctoral researchers and research students, if number permit.  Similarly, a discussion is also held with representatives of the professional and support staff.

The output from the visit is a report highlighting the good practice in place, and areas where improvements in working practices are required.

Visits are useful for departments at any stage, that is whether you are just beginning their Athena SWAN work or whether they are working towards a Silver or Gold award.

For more details contact Oxford Research & Policy to discuss your needs.