Athena SWAN

Supporting Athena SWAN and Juno

Sean McWhinnie and Caroline Fox lead the Oxford Research and Policy team which works on good practice and women’s career progression in universities.

Oxford Research & Policy offers advice and support on the development of strategies and the delivery of good working practices in universities, university departments and research institutes.

Oxford Research & Policy provides critiques of university and department good practice action plans, and Athena SWAN and Juno applications. Oxford Research and Policy works alongside self assessment teams and good practice champions, and advises on what works well elsewhere. Oxford Research & Policy supports and helps nurture the development of working practices and the key processes, which lead to change in the workplace culture.

Good working practice benefits all staff but research has demonstrated that bad working practices adversely affect women more than men. There is a relationship between good practice and good science, individuals in “good practice” departments can contribute more. Departments with good working practices have fewer management problems.

Some of our most popular services in support of Athena SWAN are highlighted below.

For details of all the services we offer in support of Athena SWAN please follow this link.

Good Practice Checklists

Oxford Research and Policy have developed a number of Good Practice Checklists which are free to download and use.  To download the current versions of the checklists follow this link.

Customised Benchmarking Data

We can provide customised datasets to help you benchmark.  To learn more follow this link.

Critical Reviews of Applications

We carry out detailed, critical reviews of draft applications for Athena SWAN awards.  Reviews can be carried out for Institutional and Departmental applications for Bronze, Silver or Gold awards.  Click here for more information.